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Hey there!

My name is Matthew, and I'm a fellow blessed with access to a camera, editing software, and plenty of beautiful people and places to photograph. 

My enthusiasm for photography sparked at a high school journalism camp I attended in the summer of 2012. Since then, my camera has rarely left my side. I relish capturing and sharing snapshots of the world around me, whether through portraits of friends or through long exposures of sunsets and starscapes.

At the heart of my albums, though, will always be the candid, journalistic, storytelling style with which I embarked on my photo-taking journey. And through my years as a student, I’ve been fortunate to have photographed friends across the world and shared their stories visually. In 2014, I took photos and travelled as a violinist with the National Youth Orchestra of the USA on an American coast-to-coast tour; in 2015, I rejoined NYOUSA, with which I toured in China and Hong Kong and published a photo blog that was retweeted by Carnegie Hall. Then, in the summer of 2016, I created another blog to document my experiences teaching at a Christian student center in Chiang Mai, Thailand and traveling to various churches, orphanages, and rehabilitation centers.

I recently graduated from Amherst College in Massachusetts, and I currently am working in the Silicon Valley in sunny California. I'd love to connect and chat with you (with a camera or without!), so feel free to reach out.

Thank you for visiting this website! 


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